Develop a trusting, loving relationship with your pet.

“What should I do about my dog?”

The answer is simple
Give them boundaries, just as you would when you’re raising a child.

Dogs need to know where they stand and what behaviour is acceptable in order to feel confident and happy.

But sometimes, owners don’t know how to tell them.

Dog World owner Kim Holden uses a clear and easy-to-use, balanced training method that will suit your lifestyle and help you develop a trusting, loving relationship with your pet.

Private Training

Our clients often remark that their dog is much better behaved at our facility than they are at home. The solution? We come to you, observe your dog on their home turf and train them on site. Consultation includes travel to and from your home, training & follow-up plan.

$160 + TRAVEL for two 2-hour sessions

(travel is charged at a rate of $24/hour and $0.61/km)

(on hold until fall of 2023)

Leash Walking

Learn the steps to leash walking and build trust, companionship, and a calmer state of mind with our pet. Work on walk techniques including sit, down, heel, come, and finish.

Get in and Swim

Learn how to put on your dog’s life-jacket, how to behave with your dog around water, how your dog should behave around water and get your dog used to being around water. Great for boaters, campers, cottagers, or anyone who takes their dog near water.


The treadmill is a great tool for dogs to burn off excess energy, shed a few pounds or just to keep the body moving. A great skill to acquire even at a young age and perfect for use on a cold winter’s day!

At this workshop we will teach you how to watch for proper gait and pace, stimulate the mind, gain the dogs’ focus while building coordination, strength and stamina.


Join us for a ‘Foundation Workshop’, where we will guide you to prevent the behaviours that become problematic at a later age.

For example, barking at dogs through the window will quickly turn into barking at dogs on the street, excitement at leash-up becomes pulling on the walk, etc.

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